Top 10 Pompadour Hairstyles for Women

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Pompadour platinum 

With a little height at the forehead, it's classic and uncomplicated. Styling this look requires precision. 

Square Jaw

Black ladies with square jawlines should wear a pompadour with a thin top. This style slims your face while highlighting your beauty. 

Pinup Style 

1940s pompadour hairstyles for ladies are iconic. This highly stylized look can be worn anytime, especially for formal gatherings, without a kerchief. 

Kinky Curls

Instead of slicking back hair, the puff sits on the forehead, looking great on natural curls. Add sunglasses and a low ponytail.

Pinup Style

Vintage style will turn heads. Tease the strands for volume before gathering them on one side of the head and rolling them inward to create a jumbo roll. 

Elegant Grey

This easy-to-style appearance is perfect for older women. Silver highlights and a side undercut highlight the natural greys, while the top is long enough to comb back.

Tousled Waves

Natural waves? Create an edgy pomp using them. The top is teased before being tousled up and back to create a high puff on a layered bob cut.

Brilliantly Swept

Pompadours and quiffs suit women too. Proof: this look. Those confident enough to pull off this look can ask the hairstylist for a long top that tapers at the sides. 

Two-Tone Undercut

The dark brown sides are buzzed to highlight the long puffy blonde top, which is slicked back with pomade for a two-toned look. 

Half-Up Puff

This timeless haircut is graceful and unique. Separate the locks and front strands. Tease them to form a high top with side locks.

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