Things You Should Never Do at Dog Park

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you can't visit during peak hours

Avoid the dog park's busiest times—usually after work on weekdays—and go during off hours. I often see dogs with dog park scuffle wounds.

you can never feed other's dog

You don't know whether the dog is on a strict diet, has a food allergy, or the owners are uncomfortable with it.

never leave your dog near water

Dogs should avoid standing water. Yet, stagnant water in the dog park is exposed to hundreds of dogs every day, breeding germs like leptospirosis (lepto).

Never bring an unvaccinated puppy

We take our new puppy to the park to play with pals and enjoy the outdoors. Nevertheless, some of the illnesses we vaccinate against—parvovirus being the worst—can kill puppies.

Never bring ill dog at park

Gut and respiratory illnesses might spread to other dogs. If your dog is sick, resting is preferable than playing.

keep focus on what your dog is doing

Dog park distractions abound. Whether you're looking at a lovely puppy or talking to another dog owner, you're not watching your dog.

Dogs are like naughty children that love to fight. Avoid phone and human distractions.

Don't neglect dog waste

I've seen too many dog owners leave their dogs unsupervised and not clean up after them, which is quite bothersome to other pets and owners.

never go to park with your dog when it hot outside

If your dog is panting or exhausted, reduce its exercise. Brachycephalic dogs like pugs, bulldogs, and Shih Tzus can die from overheating.

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