The Secrets Dog Groomers Won't Tell You

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you can leave appointment

Dog groomers won't tell you that your dog will be calmer afterward. When they arrive, dogs are apprehensive and afraid, but worrying owners make things worse.

If your dog has separation anxiety, leaving them will really help. When the owner departs, the dog may relax, and the groomer can work.

you make their job difficult

A competent pet groomer needs outstanding customer service and client connections, therefore they may not inform you

how your bad grooming habits at home make their job harder. Even if you take your dog to the groomer, brushing at home is vital.

they can know that you searched your dog's breed

Most groomers know whether you've researched your dog's breed and grooming needs.

Some dogs need more brushing than others, but all need nail trims. When owners don't brush their dogs, groomers have to cut off matted areas.

They dislike "end-of-life" grooms

Dogs become family, so saying goodbye is hard. Groomers don't like helping owners make their dogs look their best before they die.

End-of-life grooming are distressing for dogs, therefore groomers may not inform customers they don't like them.

they can shave your dog

Long- or curly-coated dog owners sometimes complain about being shaved instead of styled when they pick up their pet.

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