Popular Fast-Food Chains Never Freeze Burgers

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Five Guys

Five Geese is very serious about the quality of its burgers and never freezes them.

Chain says that they do not have freezers at any location and their patties are always handmade.


Wendy's always uses unfrozen fresh beef and since this chain has been made, it only uses fresh beef.


Smashburger says that it uses 100% whole angus beef and our burgers are always fresh without freezing.

In-N-Out Burger

Ever since a celebrity Donnie said about in-no-out burgers in a movie that they are very good burgers, they are very popular. They use fresh veggies in their burgers.


This chain says that every burger is made at the time of order and it is not frozen at all and it is served with a 5-inch bun.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is very famous for the quality of burgers because the chain uses pure angus beef in burgers, which he never freezes.


This chain has grown in the last few years because it uses very good quality beef and its burgers are always fresh and unfrozen.


Fatburger is the only hand-made beef patty that it does not freeze and this chain also makes the onion ring from scratch.

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