How To Attract Woman Based On Her Mars Sign

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Weakness and indecision turn off Mars in Aries women. But be polite. That'll also upset her. To attract a feminine Mars in Aries lady, be honest but not cringy.


They dislike rushing. These locals are calm. They also like excellent dining. Therefore wonderful presents and a beautiful restaurant or trip will instantly pleasure her.


If you can impress her thinking, a lady with Mars in Gemini will find you the most gorgeous person ever, regardless of your looks. She values smart, non-gay verbal foreplay.


Cancer Mars women are family-oriented and will watch how you treat her parents, siblings, extended relatives, and pets. She wants to marry.


Be well-dressed and well-respected to wow a Mars in Leo lady. She feels powerful with her spouse and likes being around the best.


These locals are detail oriented. Like, did you keep the door open for them if you stepped through it first, how clean your shoes and clothes are, what scent you are wearing—everything!


She wants an ambitious partner but doesn't show it. Libra Mars women always judge your appearance and social status. Not personal.


Her ideal lover resembles werewolf/vampire romance heroes. If you don't treat her equally, she'll be offended. If you look closely, their walk, demeanor, and clothes show it.


Fun will interest this woman. Honesty, friendship, excitement, and adventure will win over a Sagittarius Mars lady. Beware. She immediately dislikes clinginess and intensity.


Mars in Capricorn women are pragmatic. She quietly pursues great goals. So take things slowly and don't push her to win her heart.


Aquarius Mars women are most drawn to oddballs. Non-boring and conventional. She doesn't mind traditional sorts provided they're flexible.


Storytelling attracts Mars in Pisces women. Present her your unique narrative through dialogue and social media. She's romantic.

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