Biggest Manicure Trend Right Now

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If I've learned anything from therapy, it's that being yourself is hot. In terms of beauty, that could mean finally letting your beauty marks show through your foundation

or letting your natural hair texture shine in all its glory. Natural beauty has been on the rise lately, with many celebrities showing off their natural skin and hair,

both in person and online, without any shame. So it was only a matter of time before natural beauty reached our nails, and now almost everyone is wearing the simplest manicure

Hailey Bieber wore her first glazed donut mani to the Met Gala in 2022. She wore it with a white satin dress. Back then, no one knew that her iridescent,

sheer manicure would spread like wildfire, and that nail artists would have to make "glazed" nail kits for all the people who wanted it in 2022.

It was a more natural take on the previous trends, which called for dramatic nails with chunky glitters or over-the-top designs.

Now that glazed manicures are out of style, there are a lot of nail polish designs that are barely there but still add a little something extra. In physics 101,

we learned that things tend to take the path with the least resistance. The same is true for 2023's top beauty trends.

This year, we've seen a comeback of undone hairstyles on the red carpet, and the popularity of barely-there makeup is still going up.

The feeling has reached our fingertips, and we now prefer manicures with simpler designs that let our natural nails stand out.

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