9 Stylish Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 70

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Thick Layers

Deep layers in a short haircut add volume, making it ideal for thinning hair. A wash-and-wear haircut for overweight women over 70.

Black Fluff

After 70, use dyes and rinses. This stunning black hair suggests age is just a number.

Wavy Lob

Gray beauty works at any age. Since it extends past the chin, a long bob suits many facial shapes.

Half-up Bangs

Long bangs can make you look younger. Long, smooth hair might look good on overweight ladies over 70.

Shaggy Mullet

The current mullet shag is not the classic mullet. This combo works well for rounder, chubbier faces. Fun and stylish loose curls offer ease.

Brush-Out Curls

Platinums like short hairstyles since they're easy to maintain beyond 70. You can personalize the style.

Slim Bob

It can be on the side or in the middle. Most of all, this heavyweight classic for older women looks well with whatever hair color.

Salt-&-Pepper Hair

As the sides are precisely clipped or shaved, a high-top pixie requires additional maintenance. Overweight women over 70 who like fashion and effort would love it.


As it covers the ears slightly, the long pixie resembles Bob. It can be styled from side to central part.

Bangs Bob

Thinner hair looks fuller with bangs that frame the face and fade into the bob. A blunt bang can enhance thick hair.

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