7 Easy Ways To Stay Fit Without 'Exercising'

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sufficient rest

 "Getting into a good habit of a routine bedtime and giving yourself at least seven, but ideally eight, full hours of sleep is an important 

Less stress

Stress isn't doing your body any favors. At first, you may not have much of an appetite when you're feeling stressed out


"Oftentimes, it is found that we are unintentionally holding our breath, or breathing shallow breaths throughout the day

Eat foods

Nourishing your body through the foods you eat is key if you want to stay in great shape—period. 


Fernandez explains stretching can increase blood flow to your muscles, resulting in more efficient movement. 


"Fitness is more fun with a buddy! Find a common fitness interest with someone, and start making plans to do activities together."


"Getting outside in nature is a great way to increase the absorption of vitamin D in the body

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