12 Trendsetting Emo Hairstyles for Girls

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Short Emo

A pixie with an undercut and pink color is powerful! Comb hair smooth and down toward one side of the face, partially hiding the forehead.

Punk Hairdo

This emo haircut would make Amy Winehouse proud. Buzzing the head leaves a V shape. The edgiest hairstyle is black and pink with irregular layers.

Undercut Emo Hair Girl

Emo and feminine? Look this this light blue-tipped platinum blonde long pixie! Long bangs cover half the face for the emo appearance and look excellent

Emo Girl Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are trendy for women. Their versatility and emo feel make them ideal for braids and cropped bangs.

Emo Bangs

Emo doesn't require black hair and facial hair. Long bangs are straightened and stacked. Wear the remainder of your hair down or in a low messy bun and trucker hat.

emo hair

Emo girls have long black hair and short side-swept bangs in the 90s. This adorable, edgy design looks great on light-skinned women.

Emo Hair Layers

Layers create substance and texture. For choppiness, layer towards the face and blend bright and dark hair colors on straight hair.

Emo Girl Goth Hairstyle

Goth hairstyles require glossy hair and ferocious eye makeup. Silver and gray on long curly hair. Curtain bangs frame a half-updo.

Rainbow Emo Hairstyle

Are you color-obsessed? Rainbow bangs on medium-length straight hair! It looks great with hair up or down!

Green Emo Girl Bob

If you can wear green makeup on a bob, why not? Short bangs and a lighter green will look great.

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