10 Versatile Fringe Haircuts for Men

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The Caesar

Back when he was saving lives on ER in the '90s, George Clooney’s Caesar-style cut was bangin’ with just the right amount of frontal fringe.

Hard-Edge Caesar

This Caesar on Antonio Banderas features a harder line with less movement in the front. 

Mod Caesar Fringe

This on-trend fringe is one of the more iconic, easy-to-wear "mod-style" haircuts, and you can tailor it to your hair type

Curly Caesar

After he ditched his infamous yellow ramen noodle curls, JT opted for this more natural look that suits both his face and hair texture.

Length Locs

In this case, his locs hit just at eye level for a look that embraces the style's natural texture and lets it all fall freely, front and center.

Grown-Out Caesar

Let us introduce the Ashton Kutcher. Serafino pointed out how the length works with Kutcher’s natural wave and texture, and the blunted line

Funky Caesar

The ultimate testament to the versatility of the Caesar, Zayn Malik has taken the classic look to a stylish new level with a dose of edgy color.

'90s Curtains

The '90s curtain bang look is great if you’ve got a thick head of hair because it’ll flop right into place, as you can see by Jimin’s cotton candy style.

Flat-Ironed Front

One of the hallmarks of early 2000s style, this look requires a flat iron to make sure hair lays flat on the forehead. 

Crop Fringe

It's a great casual look that's both trendy and a bit classic. Start by spritzing damp hair with a salt spray and blow drying hair forward. 

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