10 Trendiest Curly Mullet Hairstyles Women

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Balayage Mullet

A blonde balayage on curly hair makes a mullet less manly. Your mullet will seem feminine.

Long Mullet

Shaggy, jagged layers on top make this long mullet big and voluminous. Wake up and show off that bedhead texture!

Twisty Mullet

Short mullets complement very tight curls. The spring-like spirals look finest at the top and ends. 

Curly Shag

This lady's mussy curl mullet makes a lovely shag. Ask your hairdresser for lengthy round top layers. Finger-style some hair product to finish.

Subtle Mullet

This short curly mullet is a gentler option if you're hesitant. Feminize with blonde highlights and your favorite dangly earrings.

Curly Mullet

Straightening your bangs and adding a dark color like purple transforms a curly mullet. Color only your bangs and ends.

Chic Mullet

These thick curls are lovely and sophisticated! Front layers are thicker than back curls. Curl and spritz the hair. 

Curly Glasses

A mullet suits glasses-wearing women. Your big curling bangs frame your face and highlight your cute glasses. This transparent pair complements a statement mullet.

80s Mullet

If you have a mullet, don't cut your hair! For volume and an 80s hairdo, add choppy layers up top.

Mullet Texture

This curly mullet lacks the shaggy layers on top but has an edgy edge throughout. For a curly body, straighten your top hair and trim your bangs.

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