10 Rock Curly Hair With Bangs

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This super short pixie with piece-y spiral fringe is edgy and fun. "If you have a specific length you want to keep up,"


A mid-length shag is ideal for a curly texture with slightly longer bangs that graze the eyebrows. 

Curtain Fringe

If your hair is on the wavier side, you can rock some curtain fringe parted down the middle. 

All-Over Ringlets

Zendaya's full head of spiraling ringlets is accented with equally curly bangs.

Modern Mullet

This top-heavy style is a truly current take on the mullet. Once a relic of the '80s, today's mullets are full of volume and couldn't be trendier.

Wet-Look Bob

Fringe doesn't always have to be straight across the forehead. Rihanna's wet-look bob features a few shorter pieces that hit around the apples

Side Fringe

Side-swept bangs, like Sandra Oh is rocking here, are a bit easier to manage than the kind that cuts straight across. 

Seamless Layers

We love these short, choppy bangs paired with "seamless layers," which add so much life to previously limp curls. 

Lifted Roots

Rita Ora's lifted roots and dramatically curled side bangs have an old Hollywood starlet vibe.


There really is no limit when it comes to bangs. If you have super curly or afro-textured bangs, you can absolutely rock a fringe, and it looks amazing.

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