10 Greasy Hairstyles That Hide Oily Roots

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Crown Braid Dutch

Start braiding at the front of both sides by parting your hair down the middle. A small elastic secures both sides at the hair's center.

Hairstyle Pin

It hides greasy roots and dirty ends. Take two side strands and twist them into a bun.

Low Bun

Dutch braid one side section of hair until the ear, then braid the rest.

Ponytail or Bun?

Make it fuller by loosening some braid strands and putting it in a ponytail at the ear level. You can then leave it or tie it up.

Messy Bun

Spray dry shampoo on hair and pull into a high ponytail. Leave hair in a loop for the final pullthrough and secure with a hair elastic.

Updo Slicked Back

Use a bristle brush to remove facial hair. Secure it with a hair elastic in a high ponytail. Set it with a setting spray.

Polished Low Bun

pinning or gripping. It hides long, greasy hair and goes with any outfit. Take a look.

Ponytail Quickly

Brush loose hair back and out of the face, then part your hair deeply on one side with a tail end comb and brush it flat on both sides.

Smooth Side Bun

If your hair is greasy and you want to go several days without washing, you must find a solution.

Pull-Through Braid

Place small hair elastics throughout your sleek ponytail, leaving space. Divide each space into two sections and loop the pony's end through it.

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