10 Fun Spiky Pixie Cut Ideas for 2023

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Tapered pixie cut

Stunning is a short, shaggy pixie cut. This fashionable tapered pixie cut with a delicate undercut is beautiful and modern.

Stylish Pixie Cut

Embrace an expressive pixie cut. This hairstyle is great for thick hair since it highlights the crown layers.

Toned Pixie Cut

This blonde and brunette combo takes a traditional pixie cut to the next level. A finishing crème or texturizing spray can simply style short hair.

Disorganized Pixie Cut

Fine straight hair looks great in a sloppy pixie cut. A voluminous style may be achieved by adding longer bangs and more jagged layers.

Pixie Haircut Spiky

Spiked pixie haircuts are romantic and modern. Volume and definition come from the rough texture.

Spicy Pixie

With a short haircut and detached undercut, show off your creativity. Change the nape shape and style for a unique look. 

Pixie Cuts Mullet

The mullet has made a comeback in recent years. A choppy pixie cut with a short mullet look stylish. This spiky pixie cut can be done on thick or fine hair.

Printed Pixie

Adding texture and undercut to a spiky pixie cut elevates it. This short haircut is clean and professional. 

Jolie Angelina

Spiky pixies usually look good. These styles work nicely for any hair type and texture. We're channeling Angelina Jolie with this amazing pixie!

Cropped Icy Blonde

Start the new season with a short pixie cut in icy blonde. Model-off-duty hairstyles like this pixie are great.

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