10 Edgy Asymmetrical Women's Haircuts

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Bangs Asymmetrical

Playing with bangs can give the same angled look without shortening the sides, but it takes patience to grow them out. It's bold and in-your-face.

Wavy Bob

The wavy asymmetrical bob is super cute. The wavy bob is short in the back and longer in the front, framing the face. It can be feminine or powerful.

Bob Bangs

Bangs are a great way to customize your asymmetrical bob. They add length and sharp angles to an uneven cut.

Undercut Hair

An undercut is another trendy way to style long hair asymmetrically. Having part of the head shaved and the rest long. Serious contrast is like a feminine mohawk with hair falling down.

Shag asymmetry

Shags have many layers of different lengths. An asymmetrical shag also allows lengths to taper. This stylish hairstyle works best with a medium-length cut with many choppy layers.

Undercut Asymmetry

Contemporary styles include the asymmetrical undercut. Ask your stylist to shave one side of your head (it doesn't have to be straight down the middle) and leave the other side


An asymmetrical haircut lets you express your style and personality. Select from short or long, bangs or no bangs, undercut or shag cut. 

Bob Layers

An asymmetrical haircut with a layered bob is always fashionable. Use dry shampoo, a texturizing pomade, or sea salt spray for the best styling.

Straight Hair

Straight hair works well with the asymmetrical look. Frame your face with smooth layers, naturally or with a flat iron.

Bob's asymmetrical

Asymmetrical dimensions can add to the angles of a bob's jawline transition. One side of the bob can end around the mouth, while the other can reach the chin. It's stylish.

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