10 Alluring Blonde Hair for 60+ Women

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Short Bob

Short bangs one finger above the eyebrows, a middle part, and a bob cut below your ears. Wear them on one side, exposing your foreheads. Choose vanilla blonde.

Blonde Perm

Short perms for elderly ladies add volume. Shorten and slightly curl your hair. For a beautiful, age-appropriate look, the effect is great. 

Blonde Curls

If you like curls, you can perm or style every day. If you have this great hair texture, obtain bangs and put them on your forehead. 

Low Pony

This is perfect for minimalists. Choose a basic, layered haircut in light strawberry blonde. This color flatters pale complexion and makes you look younger. 


Short hair has numerous advantages. After going short, you'll probably never go back. Short hair is low-maintenance and dries faster. 

 Ashy Low Bun

Special events call for an ashy blonde hairdo for elderly women with a low superb bun. It's a gorgeous wedding hairstyle. This hairstyle will suit any visitor

Pigtail Braids

Braids for mature women! We know that some hairstyles make you look and feel younger. Choose blonde hair, bangs, and two ponytails for a timeless style.

Pixie Cut

A textured pixie cut with layers will transform you. Keep the roots natural and choose a blonde shade that blends with white hair.

Balayage blonde

Blonde balayage gives hair definition. To get a perfect half-up, half-down hairstyle, use a rotative comb. Wear a forehead fringe with a few strands from your longer bangs. 

Glasses & Blonde

Dark honey blonde or light brown with blonde reflexes look great on elderly women. Use a circular rotative brush to turn your tips outward with layered hair. 

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